by Ebony Porter-Ike

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The study of effectively closing deals while remaining authentically you!

Most lack the ability to successfully close the deal. You may have great ideas, you may be invited to the table, BUT most are unable to successfully execute your desired intentions.


Coinology® is a business enlightenment program that has been created and developed by The Certified Deal Closer, Ebony Porter-Ike. The Coinology® program has been developed for the like minded individuals who want more out of life and desire to truly live out their dreams.


What is Coinology?

Hear from the creator, Ebony Porter-Ike 


Let Coinology work for you.


Coinology® not only assists you in discovering your inner passion,

it also will assist you in obtaining an unparalleled amount of success. Most lack the ability to successfully close the deal. You may have great ideas, you may be invited to the table, BUT most are unable to successfully execute your desired intentions.



Coinology teaches its students how to grab hold of each opportunity, 

and properly position yourself to WIN! Coinology® is a mastermind program which includes, webinars, conferences, coaching, speaking engagements, books, videos, clusters and merchandise.  Each of these products were developed with the intention to fully assist its participants through their journey of success.



As the Certified Deal Closer™, I have developed key techniques that have been extremely successful for me during my career.  

Most believe it’s just the business acumen that has allowed me to experience the level of success that I have.  I would agree, that strong acumen plays a part, but it’s the minority of the equation.  What really has made the difference has been my use of Coinology®.  At the time, I didn’t know it to be Coinology® but it has been a mixture of self-awareness, evaluation, development and business prowess that has created me. Coinology® taught me to be true to who I am, be confident in that, and this assists me with sitting across from anyone, and demanding what I WANT & GETTING IT!



Coinology® will teach you the techniques that have been successful for me. My hope is that it will positively impact your life as well!

Free Webinars, Private Coinology® Facebook Community, Discovery Consultation Sessions, Coinology® Vol 1 - Authentically You Book, Coinology® Merchandise, Speaking Engagements, Coinology® Courses & more!

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Get the book with all of my secrets to success!

Coinology® Vol 1 - Authentically You

 "Coinology is a game-changer. It coaches entrepreneurs and business owners into strategies that are easy to follow and will enable them to run their businesses - and lives - more efficiently. The principles taught in this book are timeless and they will work should you choose to put them into practice. I'm excited about reading the next book."

Timothy Flemming, Owner of T&J Publishers


Who should enroll?

Coinology® is ONLY for those who are serious and ready to invest in themselves and create an unlimited amount of success personally and professionally.


Coinology® is ideal for the entrepreneur, currently struggling to:

  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Develop strong residual income
  • Gain the caliber of clients that you desire

  • To be taken seriously in your respective field

  • Interested in the entrepreneur life but unsure of where to start


Real People, Real Results

Coinology inspired the mental push within me by offering key steps on how to realize my passion and destiny, how to turn these things into lucrative results, and how to set achievable goals for success.
— Keisha Green-Miller, Investment Compliance Administrator
Coinology confirmed that my gifting isn’t far from my passion and that my business idea needs to come to fruition this year... I plan on incorporating some of the actual sessions with my business law students.
— C. Daniel, Attorney
When Ebony Porter-Ike first started Coinology I was starting a new career/business... I had no clients and had not closed any deals. Since I started truly applying Coinology concepts I have contracts signed and deals closing soon!
— Joan Thomas, Realtor Keller Williams Cityside